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12 Qualities of a Christian Leader: Character and Qualities Every Christian Leader Should Have

Christian leadership is not just about managing people or overseeing projects; it’s about being an example of Christ’s servant love and leadership. A Christian leader is someone who has a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to serving others, just as Jesus did.

It is very common for pastors to be swallowed up by the demands of their church, which can affect their integrity. Members expect their pastor and/or leader to ‘be’ more than they ‘do’, so in this article, we list some points to reflect on the character and qualities that every Christian leader should have.

12 Qualities of a Christian Leader

Let us see below the character and qualities that every Christian leader should have.

Dependence on god

Despite the gifts and abilities to take care of people and manage difficult situations, the leader cannot forget that he completely depends on God. Sadly, the anxiety of the leader or pastor not fully trusting God is one of the most common failures in leadership.

The motive in love and concern for the Kingdom

In general, people who occupy leadership positions tend to be more competitive, eager to prove their competence, and eager for power. And this is still a reality in the church environment. It is necessary to internalize the truths of the Kingdom, not to give in to your fears and insecurities, but motivated by love for God and people.


Greatness in the Kingdom of God is service. That’s why your Son came to serve. The true character of the Christian leader is not in manipulation, authoritarianism, and control, but in serving others.


No achievement is achieved without perseverance, persistence, and determination. Therefore, pastors and leaders need to value health, discernment, and courage, to remain firm in the direction that the Lord gives.


A quality that stands out in the leader’s profile is being visionary! Part of the leader’s job is to bring about change, new perspectives, opinions, values, ​​and organizational culture. But, people are resistant to change. To deal with the possible issues that produce tension, the leader needs a lot of patience.

Disposition to suffering and sacrifice

In the Kingdom of God, shepherding requires a high cost. “There is no leadership without a cross”.  Leaders are often criticized behind their backs. Therefore, they become defensive and become resistant to recognizing their faults. Transparency, accessibility, and gracious response to criticism are qualities that help overcome crises.

personal discipline

This quality is essential for gifts and talents to develop and be exercised with excellence. To keep your spirituality healthy, you need time for consecration. There are sins and weaknesses that need to be dealt with energy, mortification, and self-denial.


It is common for pastors to be frequently honored, honored, and prestigious. A temptation for the ego. Another characteristic that stands out in a Christian leader is humility, recognizing that gifts and talents, everything that he is and has, are the result of God’s action.

Humility One of the most important qualities of a Christian leader is humility. This means being willing to listen to others, being open to constructive criticism, and putting the needs of others before one’s own. Jesus himself demonstrated this quality by washing his disciples’ feet, a task usually reserved for servants.


A good shield for pastors and Christian leaders not to get involved in scandals is accountability to someone and being involved in a local community. The leader needs to be involved in a group of friends with whom he can pour out his heart and confess his sins, allowing himself to be shepherded as well.


Unfortunately, some leaders alter, augment, or distort biblical truths to suit their personal interests, thus jeopardizing their credibility. The mark and character of the Christian leader must also be honest. 


Unfortunately, many churches and ministries suffer from a lack of competence in the pastor or leader. To cherish excellence and dedication to the Lord, Empower yourself!


Every Christian is called to a life of sanctification in Christ. The pastor and leaders must still be role models in their local communities. Don’t let your management tasks and concerns affect your walk with God. 


qualities and attributes that embody the teachings and principles of Christ. These qualities include humility, integrity, wisdom, empathy, courage, and service.

A Christian leader is one who leads by example and strives to always do what is right and just in the face of adversity. They are individuals who prioritize the welfare of their followers and seek to guide and support them in their personal growth and spiritual development.

Additionally, Christian leaders understand the importance of building communities based on trust and respect, fostering an environment of open communication, and creating opportunities for collaboration and teamwork. They are individuals who value diversity, celebrate differences, and seek to create a sense of belonging and inclusion for all.

Ultimately, a Christian leader is someone who is deeply committed to serving others according to Christ’s own example. By embodying these qualities, Christian leaders can inspire and empower others to live purposeful and purposeful lives based on faith, hope, and love.

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